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On Planning and Preparation in Web Projects

When you build a website, be it for a non-profit or a casino game such as a slot game, it is a project. Just like any other project, website and app building require planning and preparation. If

On The Importance of Milestones

Having goals for a website or app design and development project is important for several reasons. First, when you have goals, you can make sure that all the participants of the project are on the same page.

On the Importance of Goals in Software Projects

Every website and every app needs a goal. Even when you are creating a small website for a hobby that you are passionate about, you need something specific and measurable to use the success of your website.

How To Create User Profiles

When you are developing a website or an app, you are probably thinking about visitors and users as a whole. You want a lot of people to come to your website or download your app and you