How To Create User Profiles

When you are developing a website or an app, you are probably thinking about visitors and users as a whole. You want a lot of people to come to your website or download your app and you are thinking about tens of thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands and millions of people.

Because of this, it is easy to forget that each user and each visitor is an individual.

People are not sitting in front of the computer together in groups when accessing your website. Every mobile user is looking at his or her phone. It is one person using one device. For this reason, you want to create a profile or several different profiles for different users. When you generalize your audience, it makes it very hard to deliver really great user experience. Instead, consider a user going through your website or using your app.

To do so, start with a general description of who your website visitors are going to be. Next, imagine a person or several people standing out from the crowd. Create a very detailed description of this person. Include age, gender, likes and dislikes, occupation, income and family status.

Many successful companies even use photos and give names to the people in their user profiles.

If your site will have several distinct audiences, do so for each one of them. For example, if you are working on an app that will be helping kids with their homework, you need to be thinking about kids, separately about their parents and yet separately again about teachers and educators.

After you develop the profiles, develop some scenarios that are centred on the needs and wants of the individuals. Try to come up with specific ideas about what and how your website or product will do. For example, Bill is busy, he has a five-minute break and he would like to entertain himself by playing a slot game online.