On the Importance of Goals in Software Projects

Every website and every app needs a goal. Even when you are creating a small website for a hobby that you are passionate about, you need something specific and measurable to use the success of your website. The same applies to creating entertainment websites and apps, such as slot games and casino websites. With websites, one of the goals could be the duration of time that people spend on the website or use the app. If your website or app really are entertaining, people should be spending a lot of time on them.

Another goal for entertainment software could be to have a high number of repeat visitors and users. You may want people to not only like your slot game app or casino website during their visit but to have them coming back again and again and turn your product into something they use on a regular basis.

To come up with the goals for your site or your app, you need to consider the wants and needs of your clients who ordered the website or the app and those of the users. Great software products help both groups accomplish their goals.

Typically, a website or an app will have multiple goals. As discussed above, you may want people to spend a lot of time on your site and you want them to be coming back again and again. In a case like this, you want to write all your goals down. Next, prioritize them and decide which goals are more important.

If you have equally important goals, you need to figure out how you can accomplish all of them in your product. Most likely, you will have goals that are musts and then you will have some that would be nice to have. When you are starting to work on a project, focus on musts first. Then, if you have time, budget and other resources, finish the ones that would be nice to have.