On The Importance of Milestones

Having goals for a website or app design and development project is important for several reasons.

First, when you have goals, you can make sure that all the participants of the project are on the same page. Next, you can use the goals when designing and crafting your app and thinking about user experience.

What is also really important is that having goals and clarity about your project will allow you to break your website or app creation project into milestones. Milestones are short-range goals that will allow you to keep everyone on track and measure the progress of the project.

When working for somebody else or hiring help, having milestones in a project is critical because it allows you to assign deadlines and to be responsible for deadlines. It also allows for better communication with clients. A client will know what and when they can expect from you.

When you submit a milestone, ask your clients for feedback and approval. This way, if something goes wrong or requires additional work, you will be able to fix it or work on it right away. You won’t finish the product and spend hundreds of hours working only to discover that the client is not happy and you need to start almost from the very beginning.

The process of milestone creation, deadline assignment, approval and feedback ensures that there is no confusion about what is happening. When a client approves the work, it means that he or she is aware of what is happening and agrees with it.

After you have goals and milestones, start working on the features and content of your app or website. Having a general idea of what the product will include is not enough because while everyone may agree on the general idea, people may have disagreements about how it should be implemented.