On The Importance of User Perspective and Studying Competition

This may seem odd, but sometimes in web and app design projects such as slot casino apps and games, the creators overlook the users. They focus on the technical details of the project and on all the things that they would like to accomplish. They try to reinvent the wheel. Because of this, they forget to take a look at the game from the user’s perspective.

For example, you first need to download slot game apps that are already successful. Study them. See what colours they use. If you see similar colours in all the slot game apps, it means one of two things. The first one is that the developers of the slot game apps found out which colours are working and which are not. In this case, if you try to do what they are not doing, you will not be successful. The second option is that they found one pattern that works for them and they didn’t keep looking. If that’s the case, it means that this could be a possible differentiation point for you.

If you want to use colours in a different way, don’t try to be smart. Think about your audience. What colours do you want to use? Are there any other websites for your audience that use these colours or the ideas that you have?

Whenever you have a question about the functionality of your slot game app or website, always try to look at it from the user’s standpoint. When you do, many of the things will quickly become clear and you will find the answers to your questions.

Unfortunately, the discussions about target audiences and users often get very little attention in website and app development books. Your slot game app needs downloads, and your website needs visitors, which is why thinking about visitors is critically important.