On the Preparatory Work in Software Development Projects

Games, websites, and apps for casino slots may look deceptively simple but they are not. In reality, a casino slot app may be as complex as you or the client, who is paying to create the app, wants it to be. For this reason, before you start building your casino slot app, you need to find out answers to a number of questions.

Start with studying your competition first. Don’t just visit their websites, even though this should be an important part of your research, for slot game apps. Today, it is easy to read reviews from real users and it is critically important that you know what other players in the market think about slot apps currently available to them. If you don’t know what uk slots reviews to read, try droidslots.com.

After you have done all the preparatory work, have a meeting with your slot app client. If you are designing a slot game as a part of your own project, answer the following questions yourself.

Ask about the expectations of the client for the app that you are developing. Most likely, the client will want not just a beautifully designed slot app, but some actual users downloading, installing and using the app. This means that marketing and promotion need to be a part of the project. It is also possible that the client doesn’t want to think about marketing at this point. If so, make it clear and agree that all you are responsible for is a slot game app that works as it is supposed to and looks beautiful, and that the client will handle the marketing and promotion side of things.

Next, find out if the client has any other web properties or an offline business or some printed materials. This is important because it is possible that your slot app will have some design or functionality constraints. If so, you will want to find out more about them early on so that you don’t have to redo your slot app once it’s almost finished.